History of the Bank

Hallowed Microfinance Bank Limited was incorporated as a private limited liability company on 16th june 1995, with registration certificate number 273731. It commenced business with a provisional licence issued by the defunct National Board for Microfinance Banks (NBCB) and The bank has seven tested professionals and businessmsn on its board of directors with over 69 shareholders.

As part of its vision, the bank assembled a team of experienced profeessionals to handle its various operations in line with the micro financing structure announced by the CBN. In summary, Hallowed Microfinance Bank Limited is well-positioned to prvide efficient and cost effective services to its customers by helping them manage their businesses more effectively and efficiently.

The pricipal activities of the bank inclue general financial and banking business such as accepting of deposits and giving of credits to corporate, commercial and individual customers especially to small- scale enterprises ithin her catchment area. The Bank has a consistently strong earnings record as well as solid capital and liquidity positions. It also maintained a good profit trend over he past years, though with the exception of years 2012 which was as a result of unfavorable economic climate.

As at 31 December, 2014, the bank had an authorized share capital of N50million, Paid-up capital of N38.26million an shareholders funds of N82.35million.

Mission Statement

To exceed our Customers Expectations by delivering Financial Needs to their Door Steps.

Vision of the Bank

To Reach the Active Poor in our Community with Financial services and reduce the Level of Poverty to a Minimum Level.

Our Partners